Times of Refreshing

Inspiring hearts to worship


Thirsty for Him

Throughout the Bible many examples are given of those who lifted up their voices in praise and worship to God, especially in the Psalms.  In the good times as well as the bad, God’s people learnt to acknowledge him as Lord, and learnt to express vocally what he meant to them.  Praise and worship are essential for the Christian believer’s well-being, as they bring us into the presence of God and encourage intimacy with our Saviour.   Praise and worship is personal and can only be done from the heart.  If you are not filled with love for Jesus, you cannot praise him.  If you are not conscious of a deep inner desire to please him, you cannot worship him.

In Mal 3v4 it says “Then the offering of Judah and Jerusalem will be pleasant to the Lord”.  Judah represents praise, Jerusalem represents worship.  So in other words the offering of praise and worship will be ‘pleasing’ to the Lord.

In John chapter 4 we read of Jesus speaking to the Samaritan woman about true worship (vs 21-24).  He invited her to be thirsty for him (vs 13-14) realising this would be the only way that she could really worship him.  As her eyes were open to the living Messiah, she ran to declare the Saviour (v39).  Jesus has given us his Spirit to indwell us, and He says we must worship Him in spirit and truth.  Without his Spirit we will be far from him.  Without the truth of his word we will fail to know him.

We need to be thirsty for Jesus.  If we don’t feel that way we need to pray about it.  When we are thirsty for him we will invite others to feel the same.  When they see us quenching our spiritual thirst by reaching out to God, it will cause them to want to experience him also.

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