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An audience with the King

For my thirty-fifth birthday my husband treated me to a top-to-toe spa day. From the moment I walked into the therapy room I felt at ease, ready to unwind and indulge in some much earned me time. By the time I had finished the skin rejuvenating facial, indulged in the revitalising feet treatment and pedicure, and eased away my tired muscles with the soothing lavender-scented body massage, I felt well and truly pampered.

My experience brings to mind another group of women who were pampered at the highest level. In Esther Chapter 2 we read there that King Xerxes, displeased with Queen Vashti, commissioned that young virgins  be brought to him to select a new queen. As a result Esther and other young women were required to undergo a period of preparation before they could be called by name to go before the king. They were given six months of oil myrrh treatment and six months of spices and cosmetic treatment. It was the ultimate in skin, beauty and spa therapy!

These women had to go through a preparation before being given an audience with the king, in a similar way, as the bride of Christ, we also need to be in daily preparation to meet with our Saviour. The women were required to bath in the oils and perfumes to make their outer-self acceptable for the king’s approval. Our preparation comes through spending time in God’s word allowing it to become the cleansing oil of our spirits (Ps 119v11:your word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you’); and by allowing his presence, through worship, to become the sweet perfume of our souls (Ex 30v34-36). As the bride of Christ, we need to bathe ourselves in his word and engage in worship in order for us to receive the approval of our King.

Just as the the oils and spices benefited the women, so too time spent with the Lord will bring us spiritual benefits. If you don’t already do so, commit to spending the next 30 days in quality time with the Lord. The amount of time is not important, what is important is that you make it a priority because there is no greater honour than to come before our king. And I can guarantee he will not refuse you an audience with Him!

Some practical tips for spending time with the Lord

  • Find a quiet place to spend with the Lord
  • Use an easy to read translation of the Bible
  • Use a Christian CD to inspire worship
  • Write down what you hear God speaking to your spirit

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