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A Reliable Source


 ‘…will you surely be to me like an unreliable stream, as water that fail?

(Jeremiah 15 : 18, NKJV)

Have you ever found yourself questioning whether God can be relied upon? Well you are not alone. In the Bible Jeremiah, who was a prophet of God, found himself at a place where he questioned the reliability of God. Even though he had experienced the truth of God’s word, finding them to be a joy and his heart’s delight (Jer 15:16), at a point of pain and distress Jeremiah found himself questioning whether God could be relied upon (Jer 15:10). His pain caused him to be short-sighted about God’s mercy and grace.

Are you reliable… will you fail me? These are real questions we often find ourselves asking God when, like Jeremiah, we are most distressed. God was not silent but he responded to Jeremiah. If we are willing, we too can hear God’s voice speak into our situation.  So take a moment to be still in God’s presence so that you can hear the comfort of His voice. In doing so you will be assured that instead of considering God to be an unreliable stream, you will discover that He is in fact your hiding place, your refuge, your strong tower; the One you can totally depend on. Draw close to God and He will be sure to draw close to you.


Father, teach me what it is to be still in Your presence; silent enough to hear Your voice.

 Help me to know how to be totally reliant upon You, by learning how to rely on the promises of Your word, for therein I will find comfort and trust.

Help me to live this out every day, as I make Your Word a priority in my life. So that in times of distress I will not think of You as ‘unreliable’, but know assuredly that You are a father that can be totally depended upon.



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