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Lights, lights everywhere!


You are the light of the world…Let your light shine

(Matthew 5: 14; 16)

Not so long ago we had a major power cut on our street. For more than 15 hours we were out of electricity. While it was still daylight we managed quite happily to re-adjust. The kids were not able to play on the computer or watch TV, which meant a bit of improvisation as they kept themselves occupied playing old fashioned games like charades. As darkness began to set in, it became less pleasant not being able to get around without light. Electricity plays such an important part in modern living and light is definitely essential.

From the beginning of time, light had a significant purpose: to eradicate darkness (Gen 1:2-5). In these verses we can see that there was a distinct difference between day and night, light and darkness and it was pleasing to God, He called the light good!  In the New Testament, Jesus went further by stating in John 12 : 46: ‘I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness.’ In being the light, Jesus removes darkness from our lives.  So if Jesus is the light in you, then what should you be doing with the light? Letting it shine! People must be able to see Christ in you.

a shining light

In order to enable your light to shine you need to burn with passion for Jesus, burn with passion for the call that he has placed on your life, and burn with passion for the lost.

God wants us to be radical for him. But that can only happen when we are passionate about serving Him. That can only happen when we realise that the light in us is Christ, through His Holy Spirit. When you allow His Holy Spirit to do in you what He is purposed to do: shine, then you will be enthusiastic about being the person He has called you to be, and doing what He has asked you to do. So, let the light in you shine!

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