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A Safe Place


A few months ago we experienced some excessive weather. Winds of up to 80mph lashed around many homes bringing down electrical lines, damaging rooftops and uprooting trees. For those in the midst of the storm, as they lay in bed it was a terrifying experience. With strong winds whirling around their houses, their only safe place remained within the walls of their home.

In the Bible another person’s home which became a place of safety was Rahab’s home. In Joshua chapter 2, Joshua ordered two of his men to spy out the land of their enemy. As the king’s men went in search of them at Rahab’s house, hidden out of sight under bundles of flax on her roof top, Joshua’s men remained undiscovered until they were able to make their escape. Before their departure, in order to secure her family’s safety, the men instructed Rahab to make sure she along with her family all remained inside her house when the Israelites came to take it over.

In many ways this event reminds me of what took place with the Israelites during the time when they were under Pharaoh’s rule in Egypt. During the passing of death on the firstborn sons in Egypt, only those who placed blood on their doorposts were kept safe (Exodus chapter 12). In a similar way, for Rahab her symbol of safety was the scarlet rope hanging from her window. Once it was placed it was an indication for the Israelites who came to take over the city not to destroy those within that house (Joshua 2:17-18). As long as it was in place and everyone remained inside, Rahab and her family were all protected from harm.

Whether it is shelter from the rain or within the warm embrace of a loved one, we all need a safe place from time to time. That is why I love the Psalms. David spoke many times of God being a safe place for him, and it is often from the words of the Psalms that I find comfort in knowing that in God, I too can find a place of safety in Him.

Are you in need of a safe place today? Turn to God through His word and hear his soothing voice speak to your heart, and surely in Him you too will find a secure place to hide.

I will hide beneath the shadow of your wings (Psalm 57:1)


Thank you God for being my refuge; thank you for being my place of safety. Thank you for being the clef in the rock in which I can hide. Thank you for being the One I can turn to whenever I am in trouble. Thank you that you promise to protect those who come to you, thank you for being my protector.



[image credit:  God our refuge]