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Be Still!

be still

Be still, and know that I am God

(Psalm 46v10 NIV)

There is a well-known saying ‘silence is golden’, and yet so many of us fear being in a quiet place, or being alone. Why is this? Is it because when we are left alone with our own thoughts we realise that we cannot run away from ourselves: who we really are, with all our shortcomings and failures?

Thinking back to when my husband and I were courting, I remember the first time I was able to feel comfortable in his presence without feeling a need to fill in the silent gaps with something to say. That’s when you know that a friendship has taken on another level: when you don’t feel you have to say something; like there are awkward moments of silence in your conversation that must be filled.

The fact of the matter is that with a real friend those moments are not awkward at all, but they are precious because you realise you are allowing that person into an intimate and personal space in your life. It is a space where they can encounter the real you, without you having to put on an act for the other person, or be a shadow of your real self. In those moments of silence you are saying: ‘I am allowing you to encounter the real me’.

That is exactly what God is saying to us in Psalm 46: Be still – be quiet, don’t say anything; encounter the real me: know that I am God. In the stillness we encounter a level of intimacy with Him that we cannot experience any other way. It is then that you will truly know that He is with you, and that He is your refuge (verse 11). It is then that you will truly know that He is God.

Listen to the song linked below, then take a few moments to  sit quietly and mediate on the Father. Be assured that He will not fail to reveal Himself to you in those silent moments in His presence.