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Soar Like an Eagle

soar like an eagle

How many times have you come to the Lord in prayer with a need that you so desperately require an answer for – where the sense of being swamped under by the weight of that situation, over which you feel you have no control, seems to totally overwhelm you?

I cannot count the number of times I have come to the Lord burdened with the weight of my problems, feeling at a loss as to how I am going to make it through. Yet in every one of those situations that I have faced, my God has proven faithful and I want you to know He will remain faithful to you.

You see when we come to the Lord, He has three responses to our prayers: yes, no and wait.  It’s great when the answer is yes; it might be disappointing when the response is no, but at least we know where we stand with that one. But what about those times when we don’t appear to get an answer at all? Well that is God’s way of telling us to wait. And we all know how frustrating waiting can be: waiting for a bus; waiting at the checkout to pay for our groceries; waiting for the ping of the microwave so we can eat our ‘instant’ meal.

But believe it or not there is a beauty in waiting, because as Isaiah 40:31 shows us, with it comes strength: ‘But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles …’ What this tells us is that if we allow ourselves to wait on God, in Him we will find the strength to face our circumstance. More importantly than that, we will soar in victory when the answer comes.

Do you feel as though you are drowning in your problem and are about to go under? Don’t fear! As you call on the Lord in prayer and wait on Him patiently for an answer, in your waiting strength will come that will lift you up into a realm of victory, that can only come from waiting on Him.

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