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Take a moral holiday!

Flip Flops in the water    When life gets hectic it is nice to be able to forget about housework, bills, school runs and work and just do nothing! Over the Easter break we were fortunate enough to go on a much needed family holiday. It was so nice getting away for a week from the daily grind of everyday life and instead take leisurely walks through the woodlands, chill out by the pool side and, most importantly of all, spend my quiet time with the Lord enjoying the morning sunshine, surrounded by the local wildlife.

It was during my quiet time with the Lord one morning, that I happen to read these insightful words in ‘My utmost for His highest’ by Oswald Chambers: ‘You cannot have a moral holiday and remain moral, nor can you have a spiritual holiday and remain spiritual…’ (15 April). While we can take a break from our fast-paced everyday existence – and it is good to do so – one thing we cannot or should not take a break from is our spiritual life.

Physical holidays can refresh us, but taking a spiritual holiday will cause us harm.  Spiritual growth takes daily maintenance. Just like plants need water and light to keep its growth, our spiritual life needs to be maintained every day. There is no room for a ‘day off’ or ‘spiritual holiday’. When we do so our spiritual life diminishes. Every day we are required to check our spiritual and moral thermometer to make sure they are hot for God.

If you opt to take a spiritual holiday, you are choosing to do yourself a great dis-service. So keep your moral antenna up and moral compass on track, and be mindful of your spiritual growth by keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus who remains the author and finisher of your faith (Hebrews 12:2).

Father, when we disconnect from your Spirit, then we disconnect from the life-source that maintains our spiritual growth. Your Holy Spirit is our moral thermometer. Father, may I remain sensitive to Your Holy Spirit within me, so that I may maintain daily spiritual growth.

 In Jesus’ name.


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