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The Apple of His Eye

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apple of his eye

In Mathew 14:24-32 we read about Jesus walking on water. Intrigued, Peter asks Jesus to command him to come. Casting aside all sense of rational reasoning, he steps out onto the water.

Peter, captivated by Jesus, did not think twice about obeying Him, but immediately responds to Jesus. In an instant Peter had unreserved faith that Jesus could and would enable him to walk on water.

Yet as long as Peter’s gaze remained on Jesus, all is well. It is only when Peter allows himself to be distracted that he begins to sink! (Matt 14:29-32). It is only when Peter turns his focus away from Jesus on to the raging storm that fear takes over.

When we are faced with challenging situations,we should realise that they are external to the internal spiritual peace that we can have, if we allow our focus to remain solidly fixed on Christ. We need to remain fixed on God’s promises that He will not leave, nor forsake us (Joshua 1:5). Isn’t it comforting to know that He promises to be there for you no matter what?

The scripture goes on to explain that as Peter begins to sink, IMMEDIATELY Jesus reaches out and grabs him! What this reminds me, is that even when we do allow our gaze to drift away and focus on our circumstance, rather than on Him, God will immediately come to our aid. Be assured that He loves you so much that He will not cause you to drown, because you are the apple of His eye!

‘…because you are precious in my eyes…I love you.’ (Isaiah 43:4, ESV)

Thank you Father, for loving me no matter what. Even when my heart has drifted away from you, that does not stop you from loving me, or from considering that I am precious in Your eyes.

Thank you for your unconditional love towards me.


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