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Don’t Drift Away

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driftwoodHave you ever stood on the edge of a shore and watched a piece of wood as it drifted away into the horizon? One minute it is in sight – and in some ways may appear not to be going anywhere – yet slowly but surely it gets carried off into the distance. Thinking about this parallels what can happen in our relationship with the Lord when we neglect spending time in His presence.

When we neglect the precious time we should be spending in prayer and fellowship with Him we, like that piece of wood in the ocean, begin to ‘drift away’ from Him, and with that there are consequences. Our prayers become ineffective, old habits begin to creep in and take hold, and we begin to do what is comfortable rather than what is right.

Yet, what we can be assured of is that, when we are willing to turn ourselves around and ‘forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead,’ (Philippians 3:13), there is hope for spiritual refreshment that can lead us back to that position of precious fellowship with the Saviour.

Have you become complacent about spending time with the Lord? Have you become lethargic and allowed your spiritual life to run on empty? If so, let today be the start of a new beginning. Forget the past and begin from now to look towards brighter times being spent in His presence.

                 Lord, I know I have allowed myself to become complacent about spending time with you. Father, as I turn back to you, may being in your presence remain the place where I will always want to be.

In Jesus name


     [Picture credit: driftwood]


One thought on “Don’t Drift Away

  1. This is so relevant! Easily we can drift away. But may the anchor of God’s word sustain us in the precious fellowship of his presence.
    God bless!

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